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Our District, Fire District 3

Grapeview Fire Department is a small rural department nestled along the western side of Puget Sound, about 8 miles southeast of Hood Canal. Encompassing eleven square miles, District 3 is long, narrow and heavily wooded with second-growth conifer forests and evergreen shrubs. It includes the unincorporated township of Grapeview and two small island communities, Stretch Island and Treasure Island.

Grapeview is one of the original homestead areas in Puget Sound dating back well into the 1800's. Over 50% of our District has saltwater for borders. Bridges are the only access to the majority of our district. The district is split between two principal land areas with limited access by narrow, two-lane roads and bridges over coves and waterways. The topography of Fire Protection District 3 extends from hilly wooded areas of up to about 750 feet elevation down to sea level, with an extensive shoreline along Case Inlet and Pickering Passage. Waterfront homes and cabins are interspersed among forests, and are surrounded by our picturesque community.

The Grapeview Fire District was legally established by vote in 1949 to provide fire suppression services to the Grapeview Community. We now provide emergency medical services as well as fire protection and fire suppression services. In fact, over 80% of the calls are now for medical aid.

The area served by Fire District 3 and includes most of Grapeview Loop Road as well as the roads branching off Grapeview Loop Road, Island View, Krabbenhoft and Pickering Road. Services are provided from two stations, one at the heart of Grapeview on the corner of Grapeview Loop Road and Stretch Island Road, and one on Krabbenhoft Road at the intersection with Highway 3. Services are provided by 17 highly trained staff and volunteers. Many personnel are also trained as Emergency Medical Technicians, Who responded to 305 emergency calls last year.

Volunteers are always needed. New members are needed for EMS, Fire and for Support positions. Anyone sixteen and over is welcome, if you can help, please call the fire station at 360-275-4483.

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